FIT/Infor DTech Lab

Website Design + Development

The DTech Lab is FIT’s on campus innovation lab to research and solve industry problem with design and technology.

A longterm project to establish the web presence by curating digital content, conducting user research, designing an innovative multi platform interface, and coding with consideration to ADA compliance.

Creating and curating Digital Content

Case Study Pages

Creation of eight case study pages describing the involvement, progress, and final outcome

Video Production

Production and documentation of two major projects of the lab (Adidas/Browzwear and PVH Stitch), and post-production of two additional impactful projects of the Lab.

Conducting UX Research

Google Analytics

Implementing Google Analytics helped to determine and anaylse the users of the website, and make improvements accordingly step by step.

Optimizing the User Flow

Investigating the drop-off rate concluded that 72.4% of the drop offs (bounce rate) happend after visiting the home page. The question was: how might we encourage visitors to discover the other pages of the website?

Advanced Mobile Site Navigation

About 1/3 of our visitors visit the site on a mobile device, especially when being referred to the website from social media. Thats why the site navigation for mobile devices was an important consideration to ensure a good usability. The menu bar is placed in the bottom within the reach of the thumb.

Designing an innovative
multi platform interface

Sketch Library

A Sketch library with all design elements was created to make design elements available among various users, documents, and devices.

Design System + Sketch Library

The new set of buttons unifies and simplifies the user experience across all pages.


Based on the corporate identity, designed by Pentagram, the style book was extended and modified for a web safe typography.

Web Development

Developed with Webflow

A tool to prototype with real code, until it becomes sophisicated to be published
CSS Library
All pages base on the same CSS library to make global and local changes as if it was coded by hand. The naming convention matches the Sketch Library.
SEO Optimization
Optimized and tagged to be found by Google, Bing, Yahoo and all the others.
Easy content updates
Making content changes is easy even for non-developers. It is like editing a word document.

Designed with accessibility in mind

The website includes features to help everyone get the best experience while visiting.
The new DTech website was designed with consideration for ADA compliance.
Optimized for screen readers…
Image (alt text) and button descriptions help vision impaired vistors to navigate. A screen reader can read, and describe all visual content for you.
…and keyboard control
The website can be naviagted by using solely a keyboard. All elements have been tagged to enable a smooth navigation across all pages.
Works even when you zoom up
The robust CSS structure lets you zoom in when you need to see things closer.

Closed Captions

Closed captions are available for all of the Lab’s self-produced case study videos.

Michael Ferraro
DTech Executive Director
Creative Director

Judith Bowens
DTech Assistant Director
Creative Director / Copy Writing

Julian Brueggemann
DTech Lab Assistant
Digital Content Creation / UI Design / UX Research / Web Developer / Videography / Copy Writing

Rah-Nee Kelly
FIT Writing Studio Consultant
Copy Writing

Norma Stary
FIT Web Content Coordinator
Consulting ADA Compliance

Richard Ota
FIT Web Developer
Technical Support

Sam Morgan
External Web Developer
Developer of DTech Teaser Page

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Please note: This is a project for FIT DTech Lab (formerly: FIT/Infor DTech Lab)
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Last Updated: June 01, 2020