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Swiss Airlines Stopover Campaign

Product Campaign

Many people flying Swiss layover in Zurich or Geneva. Many people express the wish to spend more time in Switzerland before boarding the next plane.
Swiss+ is the new service. It permits to extend the layover a couple days to discover Switzerland before connecting to the final destination.

Julian Brueggemann
Creative Director / UI Designer


Poster Campaign

Château (Castle)

How about time to shop, and dine in the city instead of the duty free shop?

Züri (Zurich)

How about time to shop, and dine in the city instead of the duty free shop?

s’hörnli (Matterhorn)

How about a quick trip to the Swiss mountains to ski instead of the lounge?

Digital Branding

The homepage advertises the new Swiss+ option prominently. It also invites the vistor to search flights conveniently, and suggests popular destinations.
Read more about Switzerland and its very diverse places to visit. The editorial pages invite to get travel fever. Curated by popular Swiss personalities.

App Redesign

The new app focuses on what travelers need the most: Easy booking, single sign in, web check in, and travel guides which can be downloaded for offline usage.
Loading Screen
Home Screen
Travel Guides
Travel Guide
Content Page
Flight Search
with Swiss+ offer
Web Check in
Passenger Information
Web Check in
Seat Selection
Web Check in
Swiss+ Option

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