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D&AD Student Competition Entry.

Alpha Glasses.

Problem: People need to concentrate more when they read in our digitally intrusive world.

According to audio science, research shows that Binaural sounds (alpha, beta, and gamma sound waves) enhance comprehension, help you relax/reduce stress, and solve problems. Penguin wants to heighten the reading experience. Introducing Alpha glasses by Penguin and Bose. Alpha glasses help you focus on reading, with the help of sound. The glasses come with a built-in noise reduction system that eliminates the need for earbuds.

Integrated with Bose Connect: The plug-in developed by Penguin uses Bose’s AR Audio platform, to integrate the proprietary sound modes.

The Penguin plug-in developed for Bose’s AR Audio platform integrates the proprietary sound modes. Further sound options include Ambient modes and White Noise modes.

Binaural Sound Mode
Uses a sensor to play binaural sounds that compliment the text as you read.

Ambient modes
Transport readers to a beach, a coffee shop, or a forest.

White Noice Mode
Mutes outside noise.

People can try out the glasses themselves in the noisy Penguin Reading Chamber while selecting one of the Penguin bestsellers from the shelf.

Julian Brueggemann

Motion Graphics, 3D Design, UI/UX,
Brendan Mansfield
Art Direction
Lindsey Pak

Please note: This is a classroom project purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information or photos.

Last Updated: May 17, 2020

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