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Adobe Awards Entry 2019.

Trader Joe's Wellness & Nutrition.

Eating the appropriate daily nutrients greatly impacts health physically and mentally.

Based on personality and lifestyle, Trader Joe’s tries to help customers to improve their nutrition. The food TJ's customers eat greatly impacts their health. Both physically and mentally. We wanted to create a platform that helps them to learn about their nutrition, their habits, and their mental health, to help them create a happier self.

Cut open head with vegetables moving out of the head

Screens of the final UI

Step 1 - Define Goals

Step 2 - Select Food Preferences

Step 3 - Enter Personal Information

Step 4 - Review and Track in your Dashboard

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Display of TJ Products

Step 5 - Receive Trader Joe’s Product suggestions to improve your diet for your next grocery shopping trip at your local Trader Joe’s.


Persona Photo

Amanda, 21
Queens, New York

Amanda is an executive assistant from Queens.
 She enjoys good coffee, doing crossfit on weekends, and she loves going to music venues to find new artists to listen to.
Amanda enjoys culinaric experiences and likes to go shopping at Trader Joe’s. An Instagram advertisement directs her to Trader Joe’s new service. She is interested in discovering alternative avenues for self-care and wellness through nuturiton. She focuses on facts correlating mental health and food. She decides to create a journal to document her personal journey to health.

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Julian Brueggemann

UX, UI Design, Prototype, Micro Interactions
Lauren Padula
UX, UI Design, Behance Presentation
Anika Grube
UX, Initial UI Design

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Please note: This is a classroom project purely for educational purposes and I do not claim any textual information or photos.

Last Updated: April 15, 2020

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